Frequently Asked Questions - What Our Customers Want to Know

Frequently Asked Questions - What Our Customers Want to Know

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What sets AirSpot apart from existing CO2 monitors?

Unlike other products, AirSpot is designed for everyday use. It's small, light, and versatile, allowing you to clip it on your bag, wear it on your wrist, or place it on your desk. Keeping track of your AirHealth is now quick, discreet, and simple.

How small is the AirSpot device?

The device weighs a mere 17g, (a third the weight of a chicken egg), so is easy to carry around. We believe it represents the smallest portable carbon dioxide monitor on the market at 3.6cm x 4.8cm x 1.2cm.

What component is used in the device to measure carbon dioxide levels?

The secret device which makes AirSpot so tiny is the Sensirion SCD41 sensor which is as accurate as older NDIR sensors but a fraction of the size.

Accuracy is ± 40 ppm + 5% of reading. 

For more information on the Sensirion SCD41 please click on this link:

How is the AirSpot charged and what is the battery life like?

The AirSpot is charged using the 5V USB C cable provided. Battery life is up to 5 days when reading once per 3 minutes.

We will introduce a battery charging accessory allowing the device to be charged using standard AA batteries. The battery life in this instance will be much longer - as of April 2024 we are yet to prototype or assess this however it will come.

How do I obtain the AirSpot App?

The AirSpot App is free for download on the App Store and Google Play. The App provides graphical data, crowd sourced maps and a whole host of other useful information.

Can the AirSpot App connect to multiple AirSpot devices?


Also each device can be individually named - perhaps one for each of your family members so you can see what CO2 levels they are exposed to throughout the day. Or you could name them by different location - kitchen, study, bedroom - to see where attention needs to focussed to improving ventilation for example.

Does the AirSpot App collect my personal data?


How does information get uploaded onto the Clean Air Map?

We have been working closely with the Raven Clean Air Map team to allow us to link the AirSpot App to their mapping system. This will be supported in a future free update of our App. These videos help explain how the Clean Air Map works:

Will the AirSpot Device function independently from the App?

Yes it does. 

How does AirSpot contribute to my AirHealth?

AirSpot monitors carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your indoor environments, providing you with insights into air quality. Elevated CO2 levels can indicate poor ventilation, helping you make informed decisions to improve your AirHealth.

Why is monitoring CO2 levels important for my health?

Accumulation of CO2 in indoor spaces can lead to health issues like headaches and fatigue. Higher CO2 can also indicate a higher level of ‘rebreathed air’, which could mean you are at higher risk of airborne infections.

Where is the project up to?

After commencing the project in May 2022, as of March 2024 we're on our fifth prototype. 

While improving the device itself we have also been able to focus on improving the app, the accessories and readying the website and socials for launch. 

We're extremely excited about where things are up to and where we go from here. 

To read a more detailed discussion of project progress click on this link:

When will the AirSpot device be available for full retail?

Given the great progress we are making we have a realistic estimate of September 2024 for having the device available for full retail. Those who have pre-ordered devices through our Kickstarter campaign have the potential to receive their devices prior to this as soon as they are available - we are very excited and will keep you posted.

Will the AirSpot be deliverable to my country and if so what are the shipping costs?

Yes. Using our courier partner Sendle we will be able to ship internationally. Approximate shipping prices are AU$7 within Australia and AU$18 across the rest of the world. These shipping prices may differ in the future as we look to ship from multiple locations.

What are the potential risks and challenges associated with this project?

Like any project, there may be delays due to supply chain challenges. We are committed to transparency and will keep you informed. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Will AirSpot warn of bushfire smoke danger?

No, AirSpot does not measure particulate matter such as smoke or pollens. Many devices which measure particulates and gasses are on the market but they are much larger.

Please let use know if you have any questions so we can add them to our Frequently Asked Questions list 

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