As well as yourself who else is part of the AirSpot team?

As well as yourself who else is part of the AirSpot team?

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Who is in the team?

Hello my name is Dr Rob Hackett,

I'm an anaesthetist with a passion for safety through making it easier for us all to succeed in have a better and safer life. 

My journey to change improvement has been fired up during the pandemic.

It's led to my meeting this truly amazing team:

Peter Vogel - inventor of perhaps Australia's most amazing device that few know about; lawyer; so so much more, even wikipedia can't cover the many things he's done.

Liam Byrne - obsessed social worker with a passion for helping people in business make a positive impact. E Commerce guru.

Shaun Ralph - every successful business project needs a great accountant. We've got the best - a thoroughly lovely guy and amazing communicator.

And of course most importantly you - you're in the team too. We'll always look to improve and refine AirSpot making it as user friendly and un-intrusive as possible.

We look forward to the day fresh air monitors are built into our smart devices, we know what the air quality is like in any indoor space well before we get there and the air quality will be proudly displayed for everyone to see - and then one day fresh air will be taken for granted.

With you on board we'll get there a lot quicker for everyones benefit.

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